So your book has been published, what next?

You have sold a few copies, perhaps you even sold out and you feel fulfilled. Well, you should be.

But, wait a minute…

What if we could give you and your book an adventure that will put you both in the hearts and hands of all readers in the country, the continent and even the world?

Well, it possible. We only need to talk about it.

The book/author adventure is a unique offering that will see you and your book visiting all reading audiences in every corner of a chosen geographical space, say Nigeria or Africa.

Under this package are the following special services:

  • Book reading/signings
  • School and media visits
  • Courtesy calls to public establishments
  • Local and international literary events
  • Social media buzz creation
  • Interviews
  • Book donation

*Accommodation and transportation option available.

Sign up for this option and get the deserved attention.