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Do you know Salamatu Sule?

She is a Nigerian writer and here are 3 things we think you should know about her:

  1. Nigerian poet, book reviewer and literary critic Salamatu Sule is the author of two books – OMA the Drummer Queen (2017) Orchestra of Her Last Rites (poetry, 2018), a former executive of the Association of Nigeria Authors (Abuja Chapter).
  2. Sule has reviewed books of fiction and nonfiction by prolific authors and holds a book talk program called Spilling the Ink in addition to consulting for the Orpheus Literary Foundation and running her literary agency, Fahimta Literary Discourse.
  3. Her last book, Orchestra of Her Last Rites, celebrates the deathless beauty of womanhood and motherhood and connects the glorious past and contemporary society. It draws deeply from her Igala cultural roots, portraying the legendary Inikpi, while maintaining some classical poetry traditions.

#3THINGS is one of our numerous initiatives aimed at giving Nigerian writers increased visibility. If you know any author you will like featured, kindly email us at INFO@WRR.NG.

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