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RUMORS (by Moses Opara)



All around here and there,
Rumors are travelling on wings
And sirens are ringing
In many a heart!

All faces are wrinkled
And poised in ignorance, confusion and fear,
With tears of sorrow in deceptive lies,
Ready to shower from their cheeks!

All are lost
In strangling moments of deceit.
Filled with lies,
That fly on thin air, arousing fear!

Wicked souls!
Their lavished rumors linger about,
Bearing certificate of worthless entity
Seeped in inefficient truth!

Frivolously faceting
Rumors strolls about with false truth.
But like mimicking parrots
They have nothing good to say!

They have spread deceitful wings
And a million time, its truthful lies
Causing confusion and fear
To the many souls that care to listen!

Awarded medals of Honor
For their fabricated lies,
Though their constantly wagging tongues
Are filled with the venom of death!

meet the poet: Moses Opara

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