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When I heard of you,
a familiar voice rang in my mind.
I turned around, felt the dew
Resting on the flower of my heart.
I smelt you – your fragrance.

When I laid eyes upon you,
a breeze carried a hint of your presence.
I knew it – your sweet essence.
Time seized to admired you.
I felt you – your wholesomeness.

When I loved you.
I drifted into your arms.
Like autumn leaves drift away
by the dry sweet breeze – You’re musical.
I sang you – take me away.

I smelt you – You scent my life.
I felt you – You mend my heart.
I sang you – my melody, love rhythmical.
You and I,
compatible – We rhyme.

Written by: Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

To my rhythm

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