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RELIGION OR FANATICISM? by Michael Inioluwa Oladele

The restraint
That prevented cannibalism
The one who spoke against it
Who gave the unwritten law
“Man shall not eat man”

Religion, The silent instructor,
Who restrained the captor
From eating the captive
Where art thou?

Religion it seems Hath changed her robe.
The priest is now the prisoner
The member the murderer Why?
The restraint is now the cause,
With nobody to caution it.

Religion now devours man.
What man cannot destroy
Is now destroying man.
The souls of the victims
Cry out loud from the tombs
“Bind it! Chain! Kill religion!”
But is it truly religion?
No! This is fanaticism

RELIGION OR FANATICISM by Michael Inioluwa Oladele

RELIGION OR FANATICISM by Michael Inioluwa Oladele

Author: Michael Inioluwa Oladele

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