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QUERY TO DESTINY by Aderogba Adekunle

Why clothed I
In garments of fine silk
And I, yet
Make fidgets?

Why covered I
With loins of soft fibers
And still on my skin-
Coarse weaves?

Why lost I
To the land where roses abound
And yet found I
Amidst mob of thorns?

Why I- the bed
When fault and shame kiss
Make love, tease
And on my chest lay dead?

Why caught I up
In moisture-laden winds
And still, dryness
My face caresses?

Why feel I…
Green is everyone
And I, alone-
Their weed?

Why do I desire
A place in the nook- cozy
Near the fire
And yet, still feels hazy?

Why armoured I
With steel from the hands of the finest blacksmith
And yet pierced I
By even the coniferous tree leaves?

Why is my dream so aged
Like the days of trees?
How long more, long I for answers
That are never birthed?

How long more
To freedom will I pray?
How long more
Till returned I to clay?

Nigerian Poetry - QUERY TO DESTINY by Aderogba Adekunle

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