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PSYCHIC DISCORD (a poem by Thaalith Abubakar Gimba)

Let us give ourselves a modest name;
And spread the knowledge of virtue.
Not shelter under the canopy of fame;
When the world needs people of advanced IQ.

Nay, dear brother! He would conquer;
Through sheer compulsion of the lot,
Bend them to his firm will and anchor;
Divine protocol is needless, follow it not.

Deception is Old Nick’s emblem of vice;
We should not give in for a long while.
Mistake twice is human, but not thrice;
Forever know he is maniacal and vile.

Author: Thaalith Abubakar Gimba

Thaalith Abubakar Gimba, born on 12th September 1995 is a young poet and short story writer who resides in Minna, Niger State. A graduate of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. He’s a chap who has a penchant for reading and profoundly loves writing. Writing is a hobby that defines him. He believes that writing can become “a means to liberate yourself from your personal conflicts.”

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