Read Time:2 Minute, 9 Second [The Other Side Of Town]
On the other side of town, time changes yesterday
I stepped in here with a frown, though it was my birthday
With my right leg in I took a peek into the city, yet in my heart thoughts of the former came
I put the whole me into the place that seemed pretty, letting go of those thoughts. I exclaim

I joined in the condemnation of the past, like it was foretold that everything would be new
Yet some saw the new world in contrast, where they came from is betters where we go to
I can tell you about both worlds, although I live here now
The good and the bad exist in them both, we can’t run from it – take a bowTime changes yesterday. As we wake into a new day, accept fate

That the changes we see in the morning today had been when we fell asleep in the late
That dirty rag over there was once my best shirt, it only took the time off yesterday
That leader seated over there once walked barefooted in dirt, although it seemed like yesterday

I saw two lovers yelling at themselves, only yesterday they kissed in the tent
The man hid the keys to the safe in the shelves; yet he promised her she needed not his consent
A time was the Gunners went unbeaten, today they lament – many years with no medal
That man beats his wife for no reason, the first time I knew him his feet were only for the pedal

Many things have changed. Is it as a result of our doings or is it just the way it should be?
All in saving a trend we act deranged. Perhaps that is how it was meant to be.
We call it the old school, that old school was once regarded as new school
After us would come another school, which might call barbaric the prank of April fool

They and others of the avant-garde tagged the nineteenth century barbaric
George and Aldous foresaw the resurrection of barbarism – surely it must be genetic
Time changes yesterday, and you tell me today is better
Follow them; let them show us the best which is to come in the latter

Written by: Oluwabamiyo G. Fatilewa
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson