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Mother said to her
be clean until a wife you become
for now, open your laps to no one
when the time is ripe my child
open it to only but one.
Keep yourself as the pleasant sun
give yourself, for now, to no woman’s son.
When the battle is fought and won
my child, I shall gladly say well done!
Never engage in that which is called fun
it shall be painful when your pride is gone
I might kill you with your late father’s gun.

Yes mother, she replied
on her determination, she solely relied
Mother, I shall never be defiled.
Many years later without mother’s guide
walking alone by the roadside
she was called, cajoled and enticed
but she never gave in to his lies.
That made the human in him die
forcefully, he made her lie.
She had no strength to fight
yet she struggled with all her might,
but girl and boy were out of sight.
Then, he did it!

What a sorrowful night
he unlawfully took her noble right.
Oh, what shall mother say?
What price, to get my pride back, must I pay?
Oh mother, she said, kill me now.
I have been made to break my prime vow!

Written by: Adegbite Joy Asepeoluwa
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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