MYSTERIES IN MY THOUGHTS by Amao Williams Praise

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Mixed feelings evaporate from my mind,
Mixed thoughts propagate from my heart –
I don’t seem to appreciate its kind
But, I wish to relate with a bit of its part.

Oozing words of depression try to propel
From my confus’d and flummox’d bowel –
Like a stimulat’d effusive odourless faeces,
I began dissecting my words into pieces.

I wander’d through the pathway of emotions:
As I wonder’d about my innate eloquence;
Just then, I storm’d at my feelings’ relations
As we sat to discuss about my misery in sequence.

Emotions, feelings, affections… seem to bother me,
Oh! No! I’m pleading… let me be!
This is quite tempting to my fragile body –
I don’t need you; my feelings are getting too wordy.

Negotiate? With you? Never will I defame myself –
You made me cry sweet bitter tears which stain’d my innocent shelf
And made me dance to your tempting tune
Unknowingly, which almost lured me into misfortune.

I want my feelings to be as dead as a pyogenic pus,
‘Cause this feelings stab my sackless veins –
Making my emotions to throb rapidly on my pulse
With grievance causing me disquietude pains.

I can’t imagine mysteries boiling in my mind;
Confusion heating from beneath my heart.
Mysteries in my thoughts, as it begins to pound and grind
But, I’ll love to appreciate my feelings from a pristine new start.

These are thoughts, feelings, emotions… I don’t understand –
Mysteries… plant’d in me as I find it hard to withstand.

MYSTERIES IN MY THOUGHTS by Amao Williams Praise

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  1. Mamahannatu – An impassive face often lit up with a smile A mind so old, like it’s been around for a while Uncountable works remain unfinished in a pile Struck by wanderlust; itinerary as long as the Nile
    Hannatu Adamu says:

    Funny, isn’t, how understanding oneself can sometimes be such an uphill task! A good one.

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