ACCURSED‏ (for kidnappers of Kanene Okonjo)

Read Time:48 Second [Accursed]
Woe to the womb that harbored you
And the pair of breasts you sucked too!
Cursed be the night that you were born
And all its stars that glowed in turn,
..For you boldly harmed wilted breast!

Cursed be the name that you now bear
Let doom replace the blessings there;
Cursed be your shadow, cursed your voice,
You and all that joined your choice,
..To deny creaking bones their rest!

Cursed be your sleep and when you wake,
May their shadows be in your wake!
Cursed be your sight; May what they see
Drown your soul in sorrow’s deep sea,
..For you pitied not wrinkled skin!

Cursed be the blood within your veins
And may you search for health in vain!
When your curtain of life closes,
May it come in painful doses!
..You bled old eyes for a token.

Written by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson