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Pink ocean of love times
There I live above the thoughts of impossibilities
Striving to lay firm hold of the mellow wind which brought us together
Drowning my fears and growing my boldness
As I savor that aura of love which dots the selfless atmosphere

Pink ocean of love times
There our spirited souls passionately tangle
Digging-out those far-fetched feelings
Enjoying the tales only her eyes tell
Of the decors of life and love
There I decorate my amber
Under those dim red candle lights
Appreciating and cherishing every moment spent with her

Pink ocean of love times
There her sonorous heart beats
Thrills my infamous soul
With rhythms of magical melodies
Setting my heart burning
And engaging my innocent succulent palms on a slow and gentle dance
On her sultry tomato skin
Stripping me off to naturalness
She moans and tilts in electrocution
Till I yield my juicy self into her oily Bermuda triangle


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