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Do you Eriata Oribhabor ?

He is a Nigerian writer and here are 3 things we think you should know about him:

  1. Eriata Oribhabor is a poet, essayist, editor, social commentator, a former Chairman, Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA), Abuja, CEO/Publisher at Something For Everybody Ventures (SFEV), and President of Poets In Nigeria (PIN) Initiative.
  2. A renowned Nigerian literary promoter, Oribhabor has authored several books including Beautiful Poisons, Crossroads and The Rubicon, Eriata on Marble, Shifting Rides of Poetikness, Random Thoughts on Poetry, Walking Truths and That Beautiful Picture.
  3. In concert with members of Poets in Nigeria Initiative, he organizes several literary initiatives events within and outside Nigeria, chief of which include Festival Poetry Calabar; Nigerian Students Poetry Prize and ArtHub Lagos, Food Poetry Prize.
A little extra:
Oribhabor has authored and edited books written in Naija Languej – Abuja Na Kpangba an Oda Puem-Dem and If Yu Hie Se A De Prizin and has edited and co-edited various poetry anthologies including Who Shall I Make My Wife?, Wushapa – Beating the Drums of Peace, Join Me Write a Poem, Late Night Blues, The Sun Will Rise Again, Mixed History, Deep Dreams and For You, Dear Home. He is currently working on two new books: Colors and Borders and Twenty Eighteen.

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