OF SPEAKING THUMBS AND FISTS (…the treachery of the 2011 polls)

Of Speaking Thumbs and Fists

Of Speaking Thumbs and Fists

We have gone once more like before—
Even though the wound is still a sore—
For they said the wind was blowing
And the fowls’ yansh it was showing.
So we went, with our hearts and thumbs—
daring the bullets and the bombs.

Thumbed our silent voice, we did—
Some with conscience veiled with greed,
Some with hearts wounded and bled,
Some with eyes still wet for the dead.
Yes, we thumbed at the break of dawn,
Knowing within that we be but a pawn.

They had the whistle we had the baton,
(They chose the one to run the marathon).
But in the dark short corners they laid.
So they ran not on the tracks we made
And so as the chosen ones ran the race,
We only looked in hope from our place.

Ah! They have robbed us while we slept
And the fury of the fist is what we have left.
To the streets we go —our fists shall speak.
We’ll mark our marks with the stick —
Since the marks we made with our thumb
The treacherous ones have made dumb.

And speak we did —smoke tells the tale.
Sure, we left death behind on our trail.
Alas! We left behind too, cries and blood —
The breathing ink of our angry swords.
Now smoke engulfs our land, anger is spent.
Yet, tomorrow is still crooked and bent!

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I am a member of the WRR editorial team.


  1. Reply
    Shittu fowora says

    Oh God! This is damn sad…too bad but thats just the reality of Nigeria. Never will violence solve any societal ill and again no one has monopoly of violence. The section that unleashed terror on Youth corpers were undereducated bu their leaders under any party whatsoever. Again, our poor man's prayer is "God dey". I just pray non of my friends or relations get ever caught in the scissors of northern violence; political, ethnic, religious or communal.

  2. Reply
    Kukogho Samson says

    its not even the northern violence alone that irks me, its the total disregard of the sanctity of the human life…its saddening that a human being will strike at another human being with a weapon without a single cautionary thought…i shudder.

  3. Reply
    ray2flow says

    So sad…

  4. Reply
    Kukogho Samson says

    raymond, you can say that again..

  5. Reply
    shaifamily says

    So, this is where u hide nowadays?

  6. Reply
    Kukogho Samson says

    oga sir, dont mind me o…we just dey try

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