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No Procrastination [No Procrastination]

And the willing tea from the flowing sea
An endless passion from the mission unstoppable
Dreams realized a goal achievable
Not far from me as far as I can see
Determination a costly phenomenon that’s worth the sacrifice

If death comes for me tonight
What pounds of souls have I got to pay my ransom?
And what have I got to show for instruction well obeyed?
A soul, a thousand laughter in the mouth of the heavenly hosts
But am I doll and selfish and indolent that I deny angels mere meals

As a star the continual shining of a wise man
And a burning desire never forsaken until satisfied
No procrastination of the works needing immediate attention
And my laughter without equal upon a reward with affection
Welcome home son you won the battle

And what if when the arms stretched to welcome me
And the crowns and thrones with pearls and ornaments fail to be
Just cause I failed to reach “that good for nothing” soul
Hating the instructions “Go ye into the world making disciples of all
For procrastination ate up all of me and then a tear of pain I shall
continually bear.

This isn’t a short for soul winner alone
I direct my torchlight towards you, you lazy bones
Rise up and make hay while the sun shines
That when the diligent suck their milk you shan’t be biting bones

Written by: Eziudo Nwachukwu M.
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: Eziudo Michael Nwachukwu

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