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You No Fit Plant Yam get Plantain [You No Fit Plant Yam get Plantain]

Baba God, tell me, na wetin I do?
Why you no commot me for this palaver?
I done pray, fast, waka different prayer house,
Still, my matter na from frying pan to fire!

This woman wey you give me,
Na  amebo, olofofo, telephone wire.
She dey do like goat, dey bark like dog
Wetin my pocket no reach, na aim she want.

She go wake me with leftover quarrel
If money no commot my hand, our house go turn Biafra!
I sabi say na my enemies they fight me
So Baba God, na your face I dey look!

My Khaki don pass leather
I don tire, I don surrender
I don come to hold your wrapper
If you no help me, na die remain!

My pikin, why you come dey hear dey yan like this?
Wetin happen to Aisha wey you disvirgin run?
Bimbo wey you force to commot belle nko?
Na where you put Nkechi wey you deceive with marriage?

Oga player, where Gladys, Ruth, and Abigail?
No open mouth. Shebi you don forget?
No be you talk say you be sharp guy?
No be you wan enjoy life when you still young?

Dem dey call you fine boy no pimples,
Your head dey big when small girls dey die for you,
As you dey sample dey do big boy
I just dey look you dey laugh.

I don forgive you tey-tey as because you repent,
But, my son, na wetin you sow na im you go reap,
Na as you keep your mattress you go sleep on top;
Person no dey plant yam to collect plantain!

Written by: Moses Opara
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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