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You Dont Know Me

You Dont Know Me

You don’t know me;
I’m a viper, I’m a snake.
And you can’t trust me;
So be wary for your sake.

We are the bad type;
We be the dregs of this earth.
Don’t buy in my smiles;
I’ll kill you dead where you are!

Don’t love me; hate me.
Do it straight; why do you wait?
Why did you save me?
Now I breathe like I’m in hell!

See, the moral of this thing is
People change; so be the same.
And the bottom of the gist is
You can’t really know them.

So you don’t know me.
I’m a leaver not your friend.
Don’t ever hold me;
Just be wary and afraid!

meet the poet: Davids Ezimako

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