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YOU ARE AIR by Joshua Levites

You have my heart
Yet, I struggle to have yours
In my hand.
Your touch awakens goosebumps
In every angle of me.
Yet, my hands cannot get a hold of you.

You are air. Yes.
So I would never have you
Wrapped In my arms
In the cold of night.

You are air. Yes.
I have stopped dreaming
Of you and I cuddled together in bed
When the Sun goes to sleep.

You are air. Trust me.
I will inhale too much of you
Inside, if I can;
That way, I can feel you
Running through my veins
In a romantic vein.

That way,
I will breath you
To live.
Even while I die
For your warm embrace.

You are air. Yes.
But I will never stop trying
To hold You in my arms
Till I am no more.

YOU ARE AIR by Joshua Levites

YOU ARE AIR by Joshua Levites

Author: Joshua Levites

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