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Yes! We Must! [Yes! We Must!]

We shall transit
From this present state!
Move our nation
To our desired destination!

Yes! We shall!

We shall not
Sit and wait
For new elections
And breed of politicians.

No! We shall not!

Don’t they all come
Promising to reform
Sweeping us like storms
To mental slums?

Yes! They always do!

Do they provide
The dividend
Of being elected
As our votes directed?

No! They never do!

We shall fight
With all our might
To enthrone what’s right
To the utmost height!

We shall fight!

But if we pause
And search our conscience
Are we doing the right thing
To justify our fighting?

No! We are not!

Then we must fight
First our heart
Let’s move to the next level
By conquering our individual evil.

Yes! We must!

Written by: Alozor Michael Ikechukwu

Author: Alozor Michael Ikechukwu

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