WWW (WORLD WITHOUT WOMAN) by Akinbode Oluwatobi Israel

World without woman:
A day without the sky,
A sky without the clouds,
A dice without numbers.

Flies on the rottenness of man;
Hovering Silence in leaked cans,
A Street with collapsed buildings –
A world without woman.

Babies weeping from rib cages,
Rib cages without a swollen river,
Babies will turn to toys,
Men will turn boys.

No mountains to climb with palms,
All land so plain, full of pains,
Planting seeds with sticks-into-sticks,
A sticky solution.

Who is man without who-man?
An empty air making sounds for death;
Quiet like graveyards with noisy backyards
Whose fence is tensed to a fall.

Author: Akinbode Oluwatobi Israel


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    Dominic Ayegba Okoliko says

    I nice imagery for the potency of womanhood in our world
    Thanks for sharing Israel

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