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Chemical or no chemical weapon
My heart is clad with Peace’s ribbon
Those who curse the rise of the sun
Will bless its fall in the urn
World diplomacy; fascist and primacy

Death grows to be our companion
But world peace will live long
It may be shadowy
Let alone those with bony thoughts
Ride on the back of the pitiable

I saw death smiling on their faces
Old and sick, they grow together
On the front line death took a fast pace
In the field of bones we gather
Starved, hunger grows in our stomach

I heard the cry of hungry children in Somalia
Deep in the depth of the bowel of their stomach
Their hearts wail in poignant,
Where will their next meal come from?
Egypt is burning, no more forests to hide human ignominy

Revolution is in the making
They lob stones to each other’s head
Hand grenades exploding from their palms
Peace-keeping is neither a talk nor a mission
We all gonna die one way or the other!

Dozens of shoppers bite the dust
In the West Gate mall Jihad
Their bodies were hailed with bullets
In the name of the credo’s expansion
But world peace shall live long

Dozens of villagers in Syria desolated their homes
Syria is at war, fighting insurgents to the detriment of her citizen
What if we disembark at the graveyard?
Before death pulls alongside our soul
War is everywhere!

It has ravaged Jerusalem into a city of rags
Prayers strewn across the valley of dabs
The holly city turns to a battle field
They filled their hearts with anger
It yields nothing!

Written by: Rabelani Tshidino
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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