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WINKING IN THE DARK (of life and politics)

Winking In The Dark

Winking In The Dark

Blinded by their greed,
They plundered their land
Until it became smelly debris…!

Loud echoes resound from a long dead present,
Mocking voices reverberate in prejudiced mockery,
…All crying to high, voidless ears.

Children shiver from the corrupt coughs
Of their house heads,
While neighbors laugh at their macabre world!

Beat me!
Gag me!
Label me!

I dare to sprout bitter pills:
The Nigeria man is rudderless, shameless and vain less,
For he prides his deeds, in mockery of others,
Sprinting around in shameless stride!

Capped, chested and tied up
In their grabbed Common Wealth,
They engage in pretentious
Fight of attrition!

But in lamentable reality,
We all are winking in the dark,
Marching on to our field
Of collective mockery and self-denial!

This is the Nigerian man:
From the walls of the North,
Through the belly of the East,
And down the feet of the South,
We all echo this rudderless existence.

From the whispers of my inner mind,
To the cries of my brother,
And for the future of my offspring,
I bow to mother earth,
In filthy submission,
Seeking to purge my land
Of dead minds…

…That, our echoes should be a gaze to the sun,
And not a wink in the dark night!

meet the poet: Haruna O Abdullahi

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I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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