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Looking out my window-pain, i see the sunset
As dawn becomes dusk, the moon is crescent
Emotions run high without my consent
Pushing me to limits i never even thought there
No drapes on my window-pain
So i see the rain drain intermediately
And my living room scary as a cemetery
I feel i need a better life, this one is mimicry
So am picking up my butt, cock a semi O
Its hard to eat your cake and have it, maybe cheerios
Let the pain fly through the window, No?
So when the memories hurt you better let them go
Only you is your excuse bro
Sister only you can let your heart deep-low
I will never eat my words meatloaf
See you can re-direct, even if your script’s poor

Written by: Luper Damkor

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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