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WHO WILL RESCUE US: Okeme Jerome Akpevwe

Who will find the key to this cage of ours?
Or are we going to be prisoners for life?
For our wings have gone numb.
We know not if those tree branches will still recognize our feet.

Who will raise our dead owner back to life?
Let not hunger defeat us.
For the grains he fed us with
Had long been finished.

Who will show us thy grave?
Let us go and weep and sob
Lay our feathers as bouquet of flowers.
For we mind not to walk home naked.

Who will help us to tell the world?
That the song we sing is that of lamentation
And not jubilation.
For they understand not what we tweet.

Who will rescue us from this bondage?
For we are epitome of freedom.
Just to feed ourselves without stress and make nest
For that, we were created.

Who will come to our aid?


Author: Okeme Jerome Akpevwe

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