Who Is The Prisoner

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You never knew if I’m guilty
Yet you visited my wall to spit fire
And fed me at will
Even when I deserved three plates of rice
You took away my garment of many colors
And gave me a uniform with badge
A badge that changes my name
Yet I never complained
Because you rule as gods

Shackles replaced my golden bracelet
My pure flesh was tattooed with lashes of cane
Blades cut deep to sing the song of blood
My fountain of tears dried from the source
As you locked me within dark walls
Nature went missing from my day
Moon, galaxy and angels ran from my night
I lost my sense of faith
And prayer become mere words
Mama, where are you?

Today I’m free
I come out of the dungeon
My home for many years
I get my garment back
My bracelet of gold still fits my hand
I look at you, troubled slave master
And shake my head
I will never visit this dungeon again
But you will always roam here to inflict pain

Now tell me…
Who is the prisoner?

Written by: Lebile Melt Tosin
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: Lebile Melt Tosin

  • A very hard subject to discuss. All countries have problem with prisons and jail. World is getting harder. What will be the prisons purpose in the future? This open the door to a long discussion with no proper answers.

    • Sometimes I wonder if the prisons are serving their purpose..especially in Nigeria where the prison conditions make convicts doubly dangerous when they finish their term

      • Same here in the USA. How do a person improve surrounded by bad people and killers. Just more bad training. Seven in ten convicts return to prison. I had a Uncle who did a crime to stay in prison. He had no skills and no-one would hire a convict. Hard world for someone who want to repent.

        • So an alternative is needed very soon…else we’ll soon have a world impossible to live in

  • Samson, another deep contemplative piece. Nice. I was hoping to hear your opinion regarding my last post, ‘a nigger on a horse.’ I’m curious what my brothers and sisters think about the subject and how they see themselves in the broader perspective. Cheers.

    • I will check it our right away…the title is very captivating.

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