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I just came out of surgery
I’ve got just one eye now because of his battery
He used the baseball bat on my head
And tossed the flower vase on my stomach
I lost the child

I got another surgery tomorrow
He’s been by my side, he says he loves me
And I think I love him too
but… I was his victim.

I had to use it. It was all I had left to do.
He punched me first
It was all he did apart from plunge into my womanhood twice a day
He came home that day drowning me with the smell of his liquor
It was supposed to be our third year anniversary

Earlier that night, I had the dinner ready and everything set
Even though half of the time spent with him was agony
Not only was his meal ready
I had wrapped myself up as his present
Thought that would make him turn around for good

But he saw me all wrapped for him
And his drunken head led him to think I had just seen someone else
He asked where I had been and before I could answer he threw his fist on me
The knife on the table was my only way out

He always punched me because he loved me
I love him too
But he’s lifeless in front of us all
But I was his victim

It was mommy’s birthday
Earlier in the day, I saw her and dad arguing
It was something about the aunty dad used to visit
That day it got heated up
I am 26 years old now and I was told at age 15 that dad was sent to jail
He stabbed mom 15 times
She was his victim

I was on the night shift that day
The ER was so quiet
I wasn’t going to be comfortable
20 minutes into the shift, all the patients were checked
But one was on her way
She came in drenched in her own blood

He started by slapping her, then he used his knife
Stabbed her eight times on her thighs
Three times on her stomach
She had the chance to leave him months ago
When she ended up on my morning shift
Because he threw her down the stairs
But she didn’t leave coz she loves him
She is his victim

It creeps in unnoticed like a mosquito
Nails us down to our comfort zones
Rapes us mentally and exposes all our secrets
Its domestic violence…..
Who are its victims?

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