When The Dawn Breaks

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When the day breaks
And the fog of the night is gone,
The right path we shall certainly tread
Till our aims become refined.

Our eyes, closed in endless sleep,
Have long shut their watchfulness from their keep;
Our tongues, betrayers on a tour
Cannot tell of honey gone sour.

Our steps, tottering in the dark,
Search blindly and aimlessly;
Yet the chameleons lie at our back,
Camouflaged within overwhelming black.

Uncover, we certainly would have,
Then our wishes we would carve,
Our thoughts and desires to harness
After our victory against the darkness.

But in infirmity we lie,
Weaponless against an armed foe;
Over our plight we helplessly cry,
Languishing in a despair-filled woe.

But this we know – and expectantly hope –
Though the wait we hardly can bear:
Afore long the dawning bird’s cry we shall hear
Then our hearts’ yearnings shall joyfully fly.

Then shall the dejected, aimless legs
And voices in mock cowardice muted
All with a strength so ineffable
Rejoice unsparingly to the dawn chorus.

*Inspired by the sorry state of my country, Nigeria.

Written by: Akinwunmi Gbenga Elijah
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

  • The poet has captured the tortured struggles of many African nations. But like Pandora’s box, there is hope at the end. Beautifully written and nicely edited. Thank you, Kukogho.

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