When Memories Become History

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The ghost of my yesterday keeps haunting me
Endlessly as I struggle in mitigated perspiration
To erase the memories of you.
Every echo reminds me of ur suppressed giggles,
As they flutters like butterflies .

Some pasts are better not lived
As they become a nagging stare to the present
Show me a man without a past
And I will withdraw from the anguish of my yesterday
Destiny and fate conspired
To create two separate abodes for its inhabitants
But the pulse of love
Refused the limitations of fate

Do I continue in endless anguish
Or resign to the flap of fate?
Call me a weak soul
You are not wrong,
Push me to extinction
You are on point
Fade away from my existence
You are justified.

But beyond the euphoria
Of your conquest,
Know it that ,
I once danced to your whispers
I once ran your race.
Even as you swim on your tide
Of bliss

Remember there once
Lived a Lily livered boy
Whose passion was a distant dream
The dream may be dead
But like a running stream
Cascading the belly of the land
I still smell your breath
And still dance to your suppressed
symphonies of fate.

Indeed roses aren’t forever
And when love dies,
Memories become history.

Written by: Abdullahi O. Haruna Haruspice
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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