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WHEN I AM NO MORE by Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

When I am no more
I will still be
like the sting of a bee
flesh deep
in your mind
leaving behind
traces of my existence.
When I am no more
I will forfeit this flesh
that of frailty reeks.
I will peel off mortality
and finally cloth me with immortality.
Strolling the astral world
like the king of the jungle.
When I am no more
I’ll take a walk into oblivion
and again return
in your dreams
in your wishes
as tears streaming down your cheeks
as tales told when moonlight peeps
down your loneliness.
When I am no more
I will still be…
will still be here.
When I am no more…
I will signal my departure
like the sweet soulful melody
that streams down your heart
stirring up still waters
until your eyes burst in tears.
Will be gone for many a years
Missed by my smiles
Missed by my lines
Missed by my voice
Missed by my boys…
When I am no more
my departure
will feel like the rapture.
When I am no more
I will slip away
from off this time sick plane
into some unknown place.
Per a dice
tossed into the air
one side paradise fair
flipside, oh well, hell…
Where I go,
I do not know
the gods decide.
When I am no more
I will sleep and never wake.
Will rot and none will care
Raffia palm over my head
No wine my spirit to intoxicate.
When I am no more
I’ll be here
I’ll be there
I’ll be everywhere.
I shall sit with honour
on the shelves of your libraries
In the timeline of your memories
On the lips of friends and enemies
shall sit sweet sad stories
Stories of how I lend a helping hand
to the sick and dying lad.
Stories of how I gave a shoulder
to the broken hearted stranger
Stories of how I stepped on toes
to end the masses’ woes.
When I am no more
I will sleep… fulfilled.
When I am no more
free from this frail flesh
free from be a taunting Thresh
free from this hurting mesh
mesh of unrequited love.
love of a thousand conditions
conditions never met
met to asunder apart
apart from the chords that bind…
When I am no more
I will fall free
free from moods that swing nude
from the North pole
to the South pole
leaving trails of broken bones
piqued soles and sour souls.
When I am no more
I will free fall
free fall into oblivion
oblivion of nothingness
nothingness of freedom
freedom at last
last to be gone
gone and no more
more of nothing else.
When I am no more
I am no more
‘am no more
no more


Author: Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

I believe words have the power to change people’s lives. I also believe they have the potential to rip apart our mindsets and be the foundation for something new to be built on. It is vital to our humanity that we share our souls, especially in the form of words.

That’s why I write. To share my message and my art in lines, verses, stories and rants.

I’m a passionate writer. I write stuff about things and things about stuff and hope my words heal, lift and encourage.

My poems won the Pengician of the Year Award and in 2016 and Chrysolite Writers Poet of the Year Award. I have authored an anthology and non-fiction books.

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