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Whatshername? by Yugo Gabriel Egboluche

She is a girl, not the Chocolate
to sweeten your taste buds,
neither is she the Butterscotch
for you to unwrap at will for toy

She is a lady, not the Cherry
to soften your scorched lips,
neither is she an Apple
for you to bite from, as vitamin drops

She is a wife, not a Jewel
to parade as trophy from mannish feat,
neither is she the Pearl
for you to pin on walls for aesthetic

She is a woman, not a Honey
to calm your raging bowels,
neither is she made of Sugar
to complement your soured rims

She is a mother, not a Dame
to massage your aging ego,
neither is she the Pillar
to support your wanton lack!

Author: Yugo Gabriel Egboluche

Yugo Gabriel Egboluche is a graduate of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He lives and writes from Nigeria. His writing covers poetry, fiction, script and copy-writing. His poems have been published in Anthologies and webzines including The Kalahari Review, Praxis Magazine Online. His short stories have also been published in an African-Latin America anthology, blogs and translated into film.

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