What Is Poetry?

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“Poetry is a window into the soul of a person.
It is like a rare painting, priceless, beautiful. And, yes, it does make the mind grow because as a poet you spend considerable time pondering words before you pen them down.”

~ Olufunmilola Olubunmi Adeniran

“Poetry is water:
It can be boiling or frozen
It can be steam or dew
It can quench thirst or drown
It can water or flood”

~ Kukogho Iruesiri Samson (KIS)

“Sometimes poetry is as tasteless as water…
Sometimes poetry is sweet like sugar….
Sometimes its bitter like vinegar…
Sometimes it takes you high, and makes you shine like a star…
That’s poetry for you.”

~ Ikirigo Jerrypet

“Poetry is a higher form of language.
It goes beyond stating mere facts;
It caresses all range of emotions
And stimulates the imagination.”

~ Prime Chikweru

“Poetry is a friend in solitude.
It is love and its demise.
It is fantasy yet its real.
It is nature in our eyes
– God and the universe.
Life is poetry as poetry is life.”

~ Nkem Okennwa

“Poetry is not an expression of opinion
it’s a song
that rises
from a wounded soul
or a smiling mouth.”

~ Sunday O Freemason

“Poetry expresses a million thoughts in a single line, leaving people to reason it out on their own.”

~ Ani Chinedu Nuel

“Poetry is a story; a picture; a scene.”

~ Modestus Nkem Okennwa

“Poetry is [a] cool stream flowing through beautiful vegetation… It gives your lungs the free air of expression appreciation.”

~ Nkemjika Crystyn

Poetry, like a skilled seductress,
creeps on me from behind,
kissing my neck with moist inspiration,
shivers race down my fingers,
as orgasmic muses in febrile semblances,
cascade salaciously on paper.”

~ Kunle Omope

“Poetry is what i say
with the pen I wield,
on the musings of my soul.”

~ Miriammimme Ojo

“Poetry is an art in brevity. Its the exploration of the beautiful elements of language to communicate and evoke emotions.”

~ Joshua Mobi Ehud

“Poetry is a seductress; she beckons to me in the dark.
She draws me into her clutches, and takes me for a lark.”

~ Albert Jungers

“Poetry is a minstrel; her tunes are slow now, fast later…she strums melodies in the morn and dirges in the evening.”

~ Kukogho Iruesiri Samson (KIS)

“Poetry is sanity,
It binds scattered thought,
Releases pent up emotions.”

~ Chikatito Jones

“[Poetry] is the ointment for my irritant skin
It is the oil with which I souse dreams to fruition
It is the libation I pour into my soul, when the currents in my brain are running at cross-purpose
Poetry is my alliance with the rainbow when I want to feel the lushness of the clouds around the verse-fields of my existence.
Poetry is bliss.”

~ Shittu Fowora

“Poetry is free; like air, like the stars, little diamonds in the sky, like the blood in the veins with its ceaseless journey. Poetry is free.”

~ Matthew Gokum

“Poetry is like fire, burns emotions.
But sometimes, [its] like chilled water drunk in hot weather”

~ Marrzy King

“Poetry is an elixir; a soothing balm to life’s plenteous maladies; a shoulder that drinks up the tears of our mind’s unkind tragedies.
It is a bloodhound, sniffing, seeking, the lifeblood of villainous questions.”

~  Kunle Omope

“Poetry is a minstrel with frequent discordant notes,
She often rejects anyone who dotes,
Her tunes sometimes she bloats
She upends carts and sinks boats.”

~ Albert Jungers

“Poetry is fire:
He is a friend, if you [so] desire;
He is an enemy if you fight it.
It will burn you, or cook your food.”

~ Uchechukwu Ekwurekwu Obiakor

“Poetry is like fire:
It burns a tyrant’s ego
and heals a soldier’s wound.
It purifies gold,
and beautifies clay.
It awakens Morn,
and sends Night to sleep”

~ Kunle Omope

“Poetry is [a] lighthouse built
From toils upon rubble or nothing
Mold by mold, heights are felt,
Melted and baked in whetting kiln.
Near and far, the beacon stretches its ray
Unto all sojourners; on course or astray.”

~ Oluwafemi Olomojobi

“Poems are language of feelings
An expression of wants and wishes
Words written to show
The depth of hearts and souls.”

~ Tayo Fasuan

“Poetry is love and affection. Poetry is[an] art that uses [the] mouth to paint real life situations and events; The mirror that monitors the world and well being of human kindness.
It is a search light that searches the [heart’s] hidden secret and brings it to the open.”

~ Olayemi Ayo


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