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WHAT IS LOVE? by Jesse Asonze

Love is a long hard journey
A voyage into another’s soul
A means to check pungent characters
A blossoming of the heart

Love is the ache I feel
The emptiness in my soul
That desire to impress
The laughter stored with one’s cheeks

Love is God himself
That tendency toward the good
That thought that stays our hand
That corrects the errors of our flesh

Love causes you to fall hard and stand harder
Love still somehow holds you up
Standing with you through trials and storms
A foray into the future, a risk boldly undertaken

Love is the sweetness of our voices
The honey in our words
The thoughtful actions that speak to
The very essence of our existence

Love is the savior, Christ himself
Who gave willingly his body, life and blood
That we may be ransomed
From the deadly grip of the devil’s vices

Love is an eagerness
To observe time passing
A tenderness sprinkled with kindness
Sipped satisfactorily with moments spent fruitfully

Love is the answer
To your unanswered questions
Love is that emotion
That challenges your confidence

Love tolerates and supports
Love advises and points out the truth
Love breaks down walls and boundaries
Love unites all and sundry

Love is the fabric of the universe
The bond between souls
Love is a miracle from heaven
A willingness to sacrifice

Love has a conscience and a will
Love brings out the good in us
It is a belief entrenched in faith, hope and charity
It is a supernatural gift given freely to man by his creator

Love is a poet
A composer of lines, rhymes and rhythm
Love is an inspiration
The ink that flows from the bard’s pen

Love is the foundation of the highest institution
The glue that holds family together
The values of society and Nations
The rug that hold the floor so tight (so says Shiba, a good friend of JesseAnz)

Love is a primus interperes among emotions and feelings
Love is the medicine that calms
Even the most tumultuous beast
A solitude found in a wilderness where one finds himself

Love is a compass
Useful and sacred
That guides the working of our minds
A character beautiful and lovely

Love is a loud silence
That booms in our ears and beats in our hearts
That knock at the door to our lives
And turns it around.

Author: Jesse Asonze

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