We Need Another Moses

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In the belly of roses
Passing through tree trunks
Unfolding mysteries of myths
And mountains of melting heights
On my doorpost with mezuzah slates
Sniffing through the tree noses
Stinging the snoring sky
Like nettles of barren states
Phylactery held parched pages of plagued penance
Bound with burning censers
Flagon filled with masses’ tears
Famine, hunger, flood, death
Nakedness-clothed hearts in fear
High priests of the night
Walks through the breaking light
Enrolling, the magi of the night
With fire on a burning sheet
Through the night voices
Of unfriendly tides and noise
Ranking like thousands of battalions
Searching for another Moses

Written by: Moses Chibueze Opara
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

  • We had our Mose in the USA. We didn’t keep him safe. Martin Luther king Jr. was leading the USA toward peace. No profit in peace. The meek must rise and stop the warmonger nations. They have no concern for human life. Only self profit and control. I agree. We need men of peace and calm today.

    • each of us can be a small Moses…we need peace.

      • It will take a billion Moses. Obama want to bomb Syria. Destroy a poor country. Look at Iraq. USA torn down a good country and left them to struggle. Whole world need to demand Obama to leave Syria alone. Feed the 50 million hungry people and unemployed in the USA. 17 trillion in debt. USA can’t fix their problems. Let the Arabs solve the Arab and Middle East problems. Not a man with a plan no-one understand.

        • It bothers me a lot too. Yes, I’m bothered about the use of chemical weapons in the Syria crisis but would the creation of another Iraq bring peace?
          US should step aside.

          • I agree. Poor Syrian people had suffered enough.

          • At best, an attack will increase the already alarming death toll.

          • 200,000 USA soldiers are not peace keepers. If they need peace keepers. let the United nation take care of the situation.

          • I totally agree

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