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WAITING FOR TOMORROW by Aisosa Omorodion

When the bride finally meets her groom
All will be set to utilize the bedroom
As it is the zenith of the bloom
Yearning for another tomorrow promises
Working restlessly to meet the processes
Then child emerge to add spices, a huge successes
Bachelors and spinters already clung to their blankets
Lion is still frightened by the sound of cricket
A child no longer yearn for his mother to return from market
Tick tick the clock is fast ticking
Bravo Keep dwelling in dreams and anticipating
A very free world keep procastinating
Soonest it will be another tomorrow
Thwart wallowing in yesterday’s shallow
Like Buffalo solders arise grab today’s portfolio
Later today will be lay to rest in the tomb
While another pregnant tomorrow will escape…

Author: Aisosa Omorodion

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