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VIRTUOUS WIDOWS (for the widows)

Virtuous Widows [Virtuous Widows]

We are disturbed,
So we plead this life be probed!

In mockery, Death does us apart…
Now, where do we start?
His painful sting has taken it all:
Our love…
Our health…
Our better…
Our worst…
Our richer…
Our poorer…

Death! Invincible death! He gifted us with sleepless nights!
We tried preventing it, but who has the power?
Now, we only try, seeking to make it right!

Our hearts are bludgeoned by circumstance,
Our children’s’ futures harmed by chance
And our tears drop down every hour, like rains!

Families ignored our tears, friends disappear.
We call on known names but we only get shame
And so we learned to cope through shattered hopes!

We learned to grow old,
We tried to hold on to hope,
We tried to let faith show…
Even though, we can’t say how!

You just don’t want to know!

We keep on moving!
We keep on hoping!
We keep on believing!
We can’t say how!

You just don’t want to know!

meet the poet: Erayan Daniel Ukwe

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