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Yes! I am now in power
My house is too small, i need new one
There must be a garden at the extreme
An hedonist way of life

I want to be known by everyone
My name should travelled far and wide
Much more than sound and light
These are my targets for myself

The jets are not enough, i need more
That latest car is mine, don’t touch it
If life is once and no more
Then it must be to the fullest

I need a pot designed with gold
I want a spoon carved from diamond
The table must be well furnished
The living dead word of lost

The beautiful lady is my choice
The best dress is my taste
This earth must known my presence
Look at the standing maggot.

Momento mori my lovely friends
All this will not last long
Ask Aristotle Onassis about his life
And he will tell you how he left his wealth

©Olusegun lawal

life is vanity

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