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UNTOLD CHILDHOOD by Prince Kuti Adetoye Olayinka

Hear my words
I was born under the silent night
And brought up by pain’s twilight

Not born with a silver spoon
Nay!no golden spoon graced my putrid tongue
I was born with no spoon at all!

My skin is dyed black
By the generosity of the furious sun

No gunshots spelt my entry on earth
What would we have given?
To barte in exchange for the bullets allegiance?

I was young yet never a child
At eighteen yet not a teen
But a man who carried the worlds weight

For each day my father held smacking hand
And mother felt whistling slap
I look on while kissing comforting tears

The fangs of these memories
Still dig deep into my mind
Crunching its pillars as dog to bone

I’d always breathed
But never lived
Pain made me a man and never a child

So let no man speak to me
Of unequal birth and unequal fingers
I have heard enough!suffered enough!!

For if I be god a day
Would I not cut down to size
Each fleshy finger that dug into golden plates

While I furrowed into regal plate made of wind?
Yay! I would!
I honestly would!

-The ashes of this Childhood birthed this phoenix

Nigerian Poetry - UNTOLD CHILDHOOD by Prince Kuti Adetoye Olayinka

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