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UNTITLED [Untitled] [Untitled]

Beauty drops of faltering rains,
Searing soar of coursing pain.
Dry and boneless fops on ties,
Versing parochial bilateral lies.

Paradoxical picaresque personality,
Rousing rift and rivalry.
‘Bon-voyage’ to buoyant economy,
Craving for carcass colony.

Incandescence in candle sense,
Now illuminate our abysmal pens.
When words are woven to heal,
The darkness creeps in to steal.

Belated Bonaventure brother,
Bent beyond bother(border).
He stoops to loot,
And leaves our fingers in soot.

Written by: Nonsopoet Chimnonso

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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