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Unassailable Faith [Unassailable Faith]

Let the sky fall and crumble
We remain in the rumble
In the teeth of death, we won’t grumble
Come flying arrows, no tumble
Inebriated with despair, but we won’t stumble

Gathered in confusion, life a mere jumble
Ours lips still remain humble
Impoverishment blindfolds us. Again, no fumble
Mouths full of hopes, we mumble
To you ‘worries’ our faiths bumble

Though failure does on us prey
In faith we still will pray
On the cross, our troubles lay
Let starvation can slay
In faith we are allay

Our blessings may delay
Our faith still shines a bright ray
In God’s time, the future will come in bright array
We shall sound the Victory bray
Victors, forever, we will stay

Written by: Oppong Clifford Benjamin
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: Oppong Clifford Benjamin

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