UKAMAKA (for Olisakwe Ukamaka Evelyn on her birthday)




We whisper your name and wonder
If it’s meaning
Would justify this rumbling thunder?

You are the slender sugarcane
Swaying with grace
In the threads of the evening rain.

All know the sweetness hidden inside.
We need no soothsayer.
So we call, “Ukamaka”, with prancing pride!

Let the stars be envious, and the sun
Cower into the dark
While your glittering eyes shine on!

Happy Birthday ma’am…from the entire WRRPoetry family.

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.


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    margret says

    hi am a phd student in the united kingdom researching on the effect of glass ceiling on Nigerian female bankers pls how can i get in touch with Olisakwe Ukamaka .My email address is magbod05@yahoo.com

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