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Lo! I walk alone spiritedly
To the dungeon where my success lies
The trees shamely murmured at me doubtedly
Saying “can he walk alone?”
The grasses giggled at me saying “Hey! The road is tough.”
For the nature made my heart unsettled
Perplexed and depressed alone in thought.

Back on my lost track
For I recall where my success lies
In the dark dungeon where nobody knows but “I” alone
Ready to beat all odds
Despite amidst pointless dis’enchantments and dis’spirited hoods of the nature.
Found my lost enthusiasm
Fully armed with bows and hatchet.
Ready to face all odds.

At the dusky hour
Alone with my lonely thought
In the confines of my bones
I kept my courage alive
Ignoring all challenges
The lion roared, the breeze blow in zany
The road splits and made me want to turn back.
For I remember where my success lies
In the dungeon where only “I” knows
Will I leave it there “I asked?”
No! No! No!

Shirts on, courage on
Hands in pocket
Walking with my optimistic mind
Setting aside all odds
For the journey is crucial to me.
And this is the definition of life and challenges.
“A Tough Road To Success”

NOTE: Road to success are always tough and full of struggles and challenges If you want to make it and achieve your life goals. You have to put a deaf ear to the murmurings and whisperings of the people. Be fully armed and ready to face any challenges for the road to success is tough.

Author: Gideon Abowha

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