To The Most High

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A melody without lyrics
A hymn without an orchestra
A throng’s lips in Holy accord
Bowed in worship, legions of knees fall
Holy! Holy! Holy!

In one harmony from all sphere’s we sing your praise
Henceforth whatever reasons are, in your courts we need be,

Dilapidated as we be precipitate
Down the duplicitous declivities of life!
But in you we find we can rise again

Strength for the broken, courage for the timid,
A second chance for the shaken but not stirred!
A swathe to the wounded
And a healing syringe to the valetudinarian!

Just one plunge in your blood
Saturated through and through
Laid bare in your presence,
You the…
Omniscience! El Shaddai! and Balbarazam!

Days I see, slipping away like fleeting shadows
But it matters not for in your arms I am held, beloved

Even when I did you wrong and like Adam and Eve
I try hide from you
Yes when, like Iscariot, I betrayed you then saw the end
Sought a permanent solution for my
Temporary predicament

It was you Lord, blood dripping from your form
Arms open wide standing at the end of my tether

Buoyed up, by the thought of you
Weeping, bleeding, hanging and dying
Through your death, man made heir
One word from our lips backed up by the heavenly trinity,
Sealed with blood,
Angels falling like a summer’s rain
To our aid

Smacked with oblivion
Living in the obvious
Finding ourselves unworthy
Considering the many time we relapse
But you make us resilient
Considering your suffering on the cross

How you hung up for our hang ups
A true God surrendering to the
Captivity of mere mortals
Just to ransom we, men made of clay
Deeming us worthy of redemption
That’s why we bring you this

A throng’s lips in Holy accord
Bowed down in worship we fall!

Written by: Zanele Tyutula
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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