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TO BE A MAN by Dominic Ayegba Okoliko

If your idea about being a boy
Is to cause another a boil,
Then you’ve got it all wrong
“Cause you’re no strong;
Not inside and not outside.

If being a guy means to you
To have as many baes screwed
Until you have no need of the loo,
You might need to have your head screwed
To see if you are any different from the zoo.

If to be a man for you
Is to have your woman subdued
As if she’s anything less of you.
Go, get diagnosed for high fever.
Your mind might be heating too over,
Feeding you false image
That if left can have you damaged.

To be a boy is to be an angel
Capable of caring for all angels.
To be a guy is to be a darling
Worthy of a damsel’s ring.
To be a man is to be a gentleman
Capable of walking beside a woman.

Author: Dominic Ayegba Okoliko

Dominic is a nascent Nigerian writer with interests in poem, prose and essays. His other literary works are on this site as well as on Afreecan Read, Medium,, Poemhunters,, and When he’s not writing, Dominic engages in humanitarian cause and works with Human Rights and Conflict Resolution Centre in Abakaliki.

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