This world is ever full of Crisis
Crisis that affect different Races
Young and old, all suffer from Vices
Our way of life it Changes
Violence fills our life’s short Pages
We are life’s miserable Stooges
We all run through in different Stages

I’ve been to many places
And I always realize
That there is no more to this life than there Is
And after all our Sacrifices
Death comes along and colonizes

At a certain point in life we all expect Losses
And that’s life’s Basis
That reaches all Ages
Caste and Classes
Mind and Faces

Despite science and mans Promises
Death Arises with quick crooked Paces
Across valley Ranges and mountain Causes
And produces, deep painful Loses
Am tired of life as it is
But to this I never criticizes
Cause no amount of saying my Graces
Will my troubles Erases

Tough life

Eldee Baba

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I am a member of the WRR editorial team.


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    WRR Poetry says

    Life is a ‘bitch’ some people say. It can slap you from Sunday to Sunday and still smile at you. We just have to keep keeping on

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