THIS IS NOT FLATTERY by Joshua Levites

This is not flattery,
Just some words for a beauteous lady
Whose heart is more beautiful
Than palm trees against an ocean breeze.

This is no overpraise,
Just kind words for a comely babe
Whose smile is far more brilliant
Than a delightful sight of light.

This is never an adulation,
It’s an unworthy poem of adoration
For a charming duchess
That mere words cannot describe.

This is just a small way to say that
You’re more beautiful than stars
That lay in the dark sky
To lighten up the night.

You’re much more beautiful than
A drifting snow shower,
More beautiful to behold
Than an evening setting sun.

And this is not a groveler
This is just me, unable to pass-over
Without giving beauty voice
To ensure a revel in glory.

THIS IS NOT FLATTERY by Joshua Levites

THIS IS NOT FLATTERY by Joshua Levites

Author: Joshua Levites

  • Hannatu Adamu

    Puppy love. Quite enchanting…

    • Thank you Adamu

    • Anonymous

      Thank you Adamu

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