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They Came, They Tore, They Conquered [They Came, They Tore, They Conquered]

My voice is dead
I killed it with screams
At the street corner
and in my bed

Lord, you let them steal
my happiness, my dignity
my candor and virginity
Can I ever get back my weal?
My father fathered the evil
and showed them how
They came, they tore, they conquered
no help from God, man or devil

Armed with pricks
that grew at dark corners
loyal to debauched desires
they made my heart sick

Bees to the nectar
for my screams
they offered ice creams
till death did whisper
solutions to my ears
why won’t I listen?
He heard my screams
and saw my tears

Written by: Vique Ogbonnaya Ukegbu
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson
#ChildAbuse #WRRPoetry #WomenAbuse #VerseUp

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