They Are Street Boys

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I’m from a city
Where we live dirty
Each one of us sighs
Screams and cries

With our fears, doubts
Weak and weary minds
Begging, buying and borrowing love
That makes us stop to apply
Since erstwhile applications got no reply

We learn to withdraw to our nest,
Likes birds learning to fly
We are happy seeing our kite freely fly
Roaming up so high
Like birds in the sky

But when our blood paints the streets
Babies with guns, and blind
Spurred by guns, gangs and violence
People say, “They are street boys”

Written by: Paul CoolBriz Anjorin
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.


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    sike stanley says

    Let me analyse your poem on cognitive evaluation of critical criticism. I wil be judgemental, however, not far from the truth. Firstly, the rhyme scheme pattern of this poem is ‘aabb’ which is not common again in english poem, particularly in english sonnet. The type of sonnet is miltonic sonnet which is named after a popular italian poet-‘ john milton’ but unfortunately, this poem is wrong and criticise vehemently because it’s not a sonnet, whereas, it has some of the features of sonnet, such as the rhyme scheme pattern and the accented and unaccented syllabic structure called anapest in literary discourse. A sonnet is a poem of 14 lines and must not have a blank verse, it must contain emjambment (run on line), it must have an end rhyme with either abab or abba which show that, the former is a spenserian poem by ‘Edmund Spenser’ and the latter is a shakespearean poem by’ william shakespear’. But when we take a glance of your poem, it’s more than 14 lines with blank verse rather than free verse, the poem lacks the subjective precedence. Although it’s beautiful, rhydimical, musical and melodious. I don’t want to procced further for the theme.though it has a contemporary relevance. I must comend you for this. All the same you have done a good job. But note your mistakes. (Prof. Sykadon).

    • Reply
      Kukogho Samson says

      Thank you Prof.

      But first, may I remind you that form in poetry is totally at the discretion of the poet. I for one create my forms and style from existing standards and make them unique to my purpose.

      Again, about Sonnets( this poem is not one), there is no longer any rigid guiding rules. See examples of Walt Whitman’s work with one word sonnets.

      This is actually a blank verse that happened to also rhyme.

      You will need to understand the culture of the poet to fully grasp the poem.

      I’ll appreciate further critiques on this and other poems here Sir.

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