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The Wolves In Sheep's Clothing [The Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing]

The wolves in sheep’s clothes
A flashback to the master’s warning
That even the elects shall be deceived
Pastors, preachers or politicians
What difference does it make?

The wolves in sheep’s clothes
With solution to every problems
So they merchandise the gospel
With bottles of anointed oil
Another liquid gold
So much money when sold

Prophet liars
Wolves in sheep’s cloth
Visioners of misfortunes
Says your worst enemy is your best friend

Allow me to talk while I can
For the wolves are here,
And there, in sheep’s clothes
Let these words immortalize my mortality
As end may be far to this hypocrisy

Heavy laying on of hands
Accompanied with some abracadabra
Thunderous shouts fire
Are the fruits of these spiritual terrorists
The wolves in sheep’s clothes
Modern fortune-tellers
Necromancers of the new age
Never will ever quote
Freely received, freely give.
There lays the confusion in every isle.

The wolves in sheep’s clothes
Hear him speak
Lying with the truths
Howbeit, he says the truth
Never will your life be the same
For it’s either better
Or worse than you came

Sow your seed, reap your miracle
In place of labour
Verily, verily, slumber is sweeter
Than the sweat of toil
Oh! Wolves, your victim-victor laments
Let he that steals steal no more
Or this woe shall beget his doom.

Written by: Chris Mayor
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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