Vampire Of Connecticut

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There he goes, the vampire,
His heart o’erflows with evil ire;
His sabre-teeth, sharp as a knife,
Calls for blood, and he seeks to take a life!

There he goes, the beast of Connecticut,
In his hands the slayer’s tool.
He puffs and lurks, ready to cut
Innocent children in elementary school!

There he goes, the hellish brute,
His eyes are turned t’wards Sandy Hook.
There he yells, and turns to shoot-
Twenty and nine lives, Adam Lanza took!

There he goes, the twenty-years-old savage,
His mother at home, a bullet in her bod;
He did it, this lad, in evil rage,
Yet seeks he more; for he fears not God!

There goes he, the Devil’s wrench,
Of his mother’s blood, he carries a stench.
He binds his conscience with a brazen chain,
And charges Sandy-wards, to inflict pain!

There he goes, the vampire,
The blood-thirsty brute of Newton.
On beautiful little kids, he opens fire;
Innocent young ones, well over nineteen!

But lo, after he be done killing,
He turns the slayer’s tool himself-ward,
And slit his gut at the trigger’s pulling.
Woe to you, vampire Lanza, for you are a coward!

Written by: Arc Ani Onyedikachi Michael Jr.
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

  • Truly a sad sad incidence.

    • The thing shocked me to the core

      • I wasn’t really so shocked. You read enough western books, and watch enough Hollywood movies, and you realize just how depraved some westerners can be.

        • Imagine, the boy killed his momma with her gun..the same gun she taught him to shoot (as i heard)

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