The Overcomer

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I am the one that the sun and rain has beaten.
I am the one the car of sorrow has driven.
I’ve been hit and squashed by giant burdens.
But I’ve always persevered, remained determined.
I am the one, the ‘One Man Army’!
I am the overcomer!

Who am I that I face so many difficulties?
I am the one who faces criticisms and insults.
I bear the scars of mental and physical abuse
But I never quit and the foe is amused.
I am the one, lugging my troubles along!
I am the overcomer!

I am he that converts problems to opportunities.
I am the one who never surrenders to difficulties,
Always struggling to solve the impossible.
Many see this and are baffled.
I am the one – the Genie, never idle!
I am the overcomer!

Who am I that I look up to God?
In times good and times odd,
My eyes look up -day and night – to the sky,
Waiting for help from God on high.
I am the one – the Faithful, always grateful!
I am the overcomer!

Who am I to walk the land of fortune?
It seems to some that I’m just opportune.
Once I was crawling around for money,
Now, my life is sweet as pure honey,
Sorrows, troubles all, now forgotten
I am the overcomer!

I am the one,
The Overcomer.
All evils
I have conquered.
I am the one,
I am the overcomer!

Written by: Adeniji Olayemi
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

  • Ade

    Wow! Beautiful piece of poetry! Beautiful!

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